Plagues and Peoples: Why MRSA hasn’t gone away

August 25, 2014

UChicago Medicine is hosting an international conference on MRSA, with nearly 500 physicians, scientists and others from 31 countries in attendance. In this summer of Ebola, we asked Robert S. Daum, MD, chair of the organizing committee for the conference: Why does this meeting have such global appeal? [Read more]

Putting the Data Warehouse to Work

March 17, 2011

Electronic health records are a hot topic in the world of medicine, as hospitals implement new computerized systems to meet federal incentives. Proponents of replacing paper records with electronic health records (EHR) in hospitals and other health [Read more]

Turning MRSA’s Weapons On Itself

August 16, 2010

What infectious disease causes the most deaths in the United States? Most would probably guess HIV, or after last year’s H1N1 scare, influenza. But the deadliest infectious disease in our country is actually MRSA, the antibiotic-resistant form [Read more]

Revenge of the Vaccines

April 30, 2010

It’s fair to say that vaccines haven’t had the best few years in terms of PR. The “anti-vax” movement of parents suspicious about potential side effects of childhood vaccines has grown in strength, despite numerous studies [Read more]