Ending the Immune War on Wheat

February 15, 2011

The immune system is designed to protect the body against foreign invaders, neutralizing disease and infection. But organisms are all too happy to invite invasions several times a day through a seemingly innocuous act: eating. When food enters the [Read more]

A New Way to Customize Proteins

December 14, 2010

The genetic code contains only four letters. Different combinations of those letters code for an “alphabet” of 20 amino acids, which are used to construct proteins. From these small collections of building blocks, an incredibly diverse [Read more]

A Cancer Target Pulls a 180

May 27, 2010

Scientists will be the first to admit that science sometimes makes mistakes. Though debates and changing theories are often seized upon by everyone from anti-vaxxers and climate change skeptics as flaws in the scientific process, the constant [Read more]

A Wider Net for Catching Proteins

January 25, 2010

Most people who have spent any length of time in a laboratory know the pain and frustration of Western blots. There’s probably a little bit of PTSD in every cell biologist related to gels falling apart, leaky electrophoresis chambers, or bands [Read more]

In Praise of Genetic Diversity

October 8, 2009

Bruce Lahn knew that his 2005 papers on the recent evolution of brain genes might stir up some controversy. In the journal Science, the University of Chicago professor of human genetics and his colleagues studied two genes involved in regulation of [Read more]