Modeling the Body’s Micro Machines

June 22, 2010

Inside the human body are millions of miniature machines, the gatekeepers of the electrical impulses that keep our hearts beating and our minds thinking. They’re called ion channels; portals that allow small ions such as sodium, potassium, [Read more]

On Pins and Needles

June 1, 2010

Alternative medicine tends to live in a battlefield where treatments passed down for centuries clash with the often cold, hard truths of the scientific laboratory. Depending on your bias, one can trust the adherents of ancient practices such as [Read more]

Addiction Behavior in One Protein

February 1, 2010

Addiction is a hard disease to define. We all understand in a general sense what addiction to drugs or sex or food means or looks like, but when it comes to an explicit definition, even the experts struggle. In the DSM-IV, the manual for psychiatric [Read more]

Brain Mapping Finds a New Hub

December 7, 2009

When Marco Polo made his famous journey to find a better route from Asia to Europe, his travels produced the Fra Mauro map, the 15th-century medieval view of how the known world was laid out. As you can see at left, it kind of resembles what we know [Read more]

Slicing Up A Most Famous Brain

December 2, 2009

In show business and sports, the most popular figures eventually become known only by their initials: MJ, JFK, AI. Rarely, a scientific superstar can also become known by their initials – such as HM, the most famous amnesiac in modern history. [Read more]