Nursing research adds a unique perspective on patient care

May 13, 2016

In addition to providing extraordinary care, our nurses also conduct research to advance treatments, improve quality and safety, and enhance the overall health care experience for patients. Science Life talks to Cynthia LaFond, Director for Nursing Research about why it’s important for nurses to contribute their expertise to research. [Read more]

Making A Difference Every Day Campaign Highlights UCM Nursing

August 20, 2015

Since the University of Chicago Medicine began the Making A Difference Every Day initiative in May, there have been dozens of employees recognized and honored for their exemplary service to our patients and to their colleagues. Check out the many UCM nurses who have been honored either in the regular Monday emails, or in the Making A Difference feature in At the Forefront or in Friday events. [Read more]

‘Your Feedback is Needed’

August 20, 2015

“Your feedback is needed”. That simple statement sums up the importance of your opinions that our leaders are hoping to hear from employees through the 2015 Employee Engagement Survey, which runs from August 17th through September 7th. [Read more]