Poets in White Coats

May 16, 2012

By Rob Mitchum When a doctor pulls a notepad out of his or her white coat, you might expect them to be writing down a drug prescription. But a recently completed contest thrown by the Prizker School of Medicine suggests that physician might be [Read more]

When Art and Science Meet Halfway

April 30, 2012

by Rob Mitchum Too often, art and science are treated as intellectual adversaries. Educational systems typically route students toward one pole or the other, with the artistic and scientific spheres rarely intersecting by the time one reaches the [Read more]

Rewriting the Book on the Brain

August 31, 2011

Students might sometimes think that their textbook appeared out of thin air, the accumulated knowledge of a field spontaneously forming into a heavy slab of facts and figures. But textbooks are like any other type of book, with flesh-and-blood [Read more]