Steven Chmura

What’s New In Neuro-Oncology: A CME Presentation

October 18, 2013

For many physicians, having to tell a long-time patient they have brain cancer can be difficult. The patient has many preconceived notions, and the physician's recollections of treatment modalities may be dated. We hosted a continuing medical education evening to update physicans on infiltrating gliomas, the second most common form of brain tumor. [Read more]

Breast Reconstruction Symposium: Standard Registration Deadline Sept.13

September 9, 2013

Thanks to aggressive research initiatives and advanced technology, the medical community's understanding and care of breast cancer has improved dramatically over the last several decades. But with so many moving parts — medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgery, reconstruction and more — it is incumbent on the medical community to get together and discuss the most pervading and divisive issues affecting our field . [Read more]