Hacking the Brain’s Security System

May 11, 2012

by Rob Mitchum The brain is a privileged organ, afforded protections denied to all the other organs of the body. Though the circulatory system functions much the same way above and below the neck, using blood to exchange nourishment for waste with [Read more]


October 27, 2011

Finding the cause and the cure for a deadly disease is a little bit like investigating a murder. Clinicians collect clues from their patients, bring them back to the lab, and try to reconstruct the crime and identify the killer. For amyotrophic [Read more]

Clinical Trials at a Turning Point

April 26, 2010

Phase II clinical trials are the clutch moments of translational science, the place where the star medical advances are separated from the disappointing pretenders. Backed by years of promising laboratory findings and a Phase I trial to assess [Read more]

Inching Toward the Genetic Clinic

March 29, 2010

In the clinic of the future, a person’s genomic information will be a routine part of their medical record, no more exotic than height, weight and family history. The unique genetics of each patient will be employed by the doctor and his [Read more]