Wendy Stock

Edelman CEO to Match Contributions to UCCRF on #GivingTuesday

December 3, 2013

Richard Edelman spent Thanksgiving going through the apartment of his late parents in Chicago, sorting through old letters and packing up clothes to donate to charity. He's dedicating GivingTuesday to "my friends at the University of Chicago Medical Center, specifically Dr. Wendy Stock, Dr. John Kress and Dr. Jesse Hall, whose dedication to their profession and kindness to my parents will never be forgotten." [Read more]

Adults are Eligible for Many Pediatric Clinical Trials

August 8, 2013

In an earlier post, I pointed out the relative lack of overlap between the cancer types seen in children and adults. But there are plenty of examples of cancers that afflict both age groups, most notably in the leukemias and lymphomas. In recognition of this fact, clinical trial protocols are being designed to include children and adults within the same clinical trial - something not historically done. [Read more]